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Reviews from group members

Kirill- There are many programs. There are even more certified counselors. Bottom line: None are better. None are so patient, experienced, and understanding. By far, the best place for ANYONE, even if you think you don't need it, to learn something about your every day thinking and behavior. Rock on.

Briana- I LOVE WAVES!!!!! Ms. Z is Awesome and Ms. Debbie and Xena are great as well. This is a place to feel like you've been taken down a shitty road to get to them. For that, my situation doesn't suck as much with these ladies by my side!!!! I would recommend it to everyone if I could. The Zen feel is especially inviting.

Jerry- It is a great program to learn and change your ways on parenting. Being a couch parent doesn't work. Get involved and learn positive parenting the correct way. GO SEE DEBBIE. SHE IS REAL ON HER TEACHINGS.

Anthony-The staff are real and compassionate with a dose of reality. For a guy like me, it's good to know there are people who understand my flaws were not only a learned way of life, but could be changed if I was open minded and ready to receive the tools to start living a new life!! I look forward to learning more!! Thank you Z!

James- I am taking the time to write this review because this company changed my life so much for the better. Actually it's incredible I now see the world from a very different perspective. If only this were taught in school.! The staff really knows their job and it shows in the counseling. They are friendly and understanding. One thing I think speaks to their integrity, is once you have completed this course, they allow you to come back for free! AWESOME.

Aaron-A Better Choice has been instrumental in my ability to manage difficult emotions and situations. I feel fortunate that I found them when I did.

R.V.-Excellent staff that keeps it real. If you are open minded and want to learn about parenting and relationships in general and want no bull check out Debbie and Z. Every class is interesting to say the least.

Andrea- I cannot begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for the impact that Debbie has had in my life. The information and skills Debbie taught me in the parenting class were clear, direct, and practical. She delivered the information with humor and compassion, but also held us accountable for out actions and beliefs. I was able to understand, grow, and make changes in my life thanks to Debbie's clear examples, scenarios, and role playing exercises. I strongly recommend the parenting classes for those who are truly seeking a new approach to parenting. Thank you Debbie!

Nadine-This place is a gem. If you happen to use their services, do it with a totally open mind to learning and gaining knowledge. The changes in my life have been positive. I have learned so much from the ladies here. My children thank you.

Celi-This class Debbie teaches is good for people. We get a very clear understanding of how to raise our children.

Elena- Going to WAVES was the best thing that happened to me. !

Joanne-I am learning so much from Zohreh Gharaati. Grateful.

Julie- There is no change without a change of routine.  Wholeheartedly, I needed a drastic change in my life. Attending parenting without violence classes weekly for eighteen months, tremendously helped me identify all the multiple forms of abuse. Myself, being a young single mother of two young sons, I had every intention to focus on my son's well being and emotional state. A Better Choice at WAVES helped me do just that. My mindset was and still is to have my son's best interest at heart. A  Better Choice at WAVES helped me become better educated about my emotions, fear, and anger. It was a blessing to have met both Debbie and Z. Their guidance has helped benefit not only my sons, but it helped me to be a stronger advocate for my family. I highly encourage parents, especially parents to be to attend this place. You will most definitely be doing yourself and your family a huge favor. Debbie And Z helped me to no longer be a victim of domestic violence, and I am forever grateful for meeting both of them.

Jeff- I have attended two programs they offer and together they have improved my life greatly. I have a better understanding of my emotions and why I react. Also, my relationships with friends, family, and professionally have all improved. I can't think of "a better choice" than to learn through their programs.

Jon- Debbie, Z, and Ginnie are fantastic. They helped me through some incredibly difficult times in my life and prepared me to be a better parent, husband, and person. I can't even begin to explain all of the things I learned. If you're serious about self-improvement, there's not a better place for these classes in the Bay Area. Very practical approach, and they genuinely care. I've become friends with all three, and I hope it stays that way for a very long time. I couldn't recommend ABC more highly. It's made a world of difference in my life, and my family appreciates it.

Cuinn-Not only have I been thru counseling sessions with Debbie myself, but I have referred a few people that also have nothing but good things to say about her. Everyone that I have sent has gotten something positive out of the sessions, have bettered their life, and have changed their view on the world. She is a great counselor/ person to go to if you are struggling with the challenges of this world. Get positive feedback and be accountable for your actions, and go see Debbie!!

Cody- All the instructors at A Better Choice are amazing. I would definitely recommend that you check it out for parenting, and anger management. Not only are they nice but they are very knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. I went in not knowing what to expect, and not expecting a lot. I left with a lot of good information and techniques that have helped me to better my life. Thank you to the staff at A Better Choice.

Suzane-A Better Choice, what a life changer. I was court ordered to take a parenting class a while back, and I cannot tell you how amazing my experience was with Debbie and Z. First of all, the site is pretty laid back for what everyone is there for, so I was instantly comfortable. I was able to get so much out of the group and I learned so much about proper parenting. It was great to learn techniques for dealing with teenagers and for my own emotions surrounding my mistakes. I was so impressed with the overall experience, court ordered or not that I continued to meet with Debbie after my class was done to further augment my parenting skills, coping skills, and to better my relationship with my kids.

M.P.- This place is warm and accepting. Z is a great instructor. She is caring and understanding. She really hears and listens to our stories. Her method for classes is to create accountability, understanding, and to remove denial. She creates bonds with people. She creates a warm feeling, and a safe place to learn, listen, and to heal. She has many examples from real life to get us to relate. She teaches us to grow and to believe in our goals. Thank you so much Z!

Ron- Debbie and Z are great at what they do. They provide a place to learn, and techniques and skills desperately needed by most parents to help understand the emotional components to raising children, and skills that parents can use on a daily basis to become better parents. Debbie does a great job in helping her students to become more accountable for their actions.

Scarlet-I have been part of the parenting program for over a year. Debbie is an amazing "life coach" above and beyond just being a therapist. She has helped me to improve my life, my relationship with my children, family, boyfriend, and people in general. So much of what we do can be broken down, dissected, and changed when one is willing. I am not proud of why I had to enroll in the program, but I am forever grateful for having found it.

Cynthia-I h ave to say that Debbie and Z changed my life for the better! I learned so much from these two amazing women. I can honestly say I loved my parenting class and attending it because every night I left feeling better than ever, and I walked out with more to offer my boys then I did walking in. I took a 52 week class and it was the best 52 weeks of any journey. When you think you know, you really don't, and it is amazing what and how they taught me. I thank A Better Choice at WAVES for changing my life and the way I looked at life. I thought I knew the right way when indeed I didn't. I highly recommend these classes to parents and to people that are going to have kids even before they have them.

Angelique-This was by far the best parenting class I have ever taken. Debbie is amazing. She teaches skills we can all use and benefit from. She walks students through a variety of scenarios keying in on areas that challenge each of them. All this is done with love, compassion, and lots and lots of humor. She genuinely cares about her students and sticks with them through difficult discussions. What is great about her approach is that she is open and never judgmental. She has a unique ability to lead without forcing anyone into actions. I came away from this class learning valuable lessons that truly helped me to be a better parent. I would highly recommend these parenting classes. Thank you, Debbie!