Batterer's Intervention

Class Structure:

 52 week programs

  • Intake prior to class attendance to asses
    • Level of accountability
    • Family History
    • Beliefs
    • Lethality Factors
    • History of Substance Abuse
    • History of Violence
  • Men's only and Women's only classes
  • Participants who incur more than three absences must be terminated from the program.
  • Participants must sign a contract which specifies fees, policies, absences, tardiness, grounds for termination, reinstatement procedures and expectations.
  • Participants will receive a confidentiality statement and a release of information for any court ordered monitoring agents.
  • Staff has at least one year experience in the field of domestic violence, and is under supervision of licensed mental health professionals.

Core Concepts:

  • Identify Types of Abuse
    • Emotional Abuse
    • Intimidation
    • Coercion and Threats
    • Economic Abuse
    • Minimization, Denial, and Blame
    • Gender Privilege
    • Using Children
    • Isolation
    • Sexual Abuse
    • Physical Abuse
  • Be Accountable for Abusive Behaviors
  • Understanding Beliefs
    • Intentions
    • Impact
  • Exploring Alternative Strategies to Violence
  • Gender Roles
  • Socialization
  • Effects of Abuse
  • Nature of Violence
  • Dynamics of Violence
  • Emotions