Should I tell my boss about the order?

Only you can assess your particular situation.  But there are compelling reasons for alerting your employer.  For example, an unknowing co-worker could give the batterer your personal information, which you don’t want him to know.  Or, a co-worker could wind up caught in the middle of a violent scene in or near your workplace.

Perhaps you are worried that you will lose your job if you reveal your circumstances.  Employers, however, cannot fire or demote you simply because you are a survivor of domestic violence.  Recent state legislation prohibits such discrimination.  If your supervisors are aware of the potential danger, they will be better equipped to help protect you and your co-workers.  For example, they too, could seek a restraining order if the situation warrants it.  Company security could be warned to be on the lookout for your abuser - and to alert you and your supervisors if he approaches the building.

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